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Regional Tours

Bild: HexenlochmühleBlackforest

With us you have the opportunity to create your own trip directory, the sights your want to visit and in the event you desire to participate. Event Tours Freiburg covers the entire region from Baden-Baden in the North to the Upper Rhine (Hochrhein) in the South of Baden-Wuerttemberg. You will be able to see impressive monasteries reflecting the hard work by former monks, listen to legends and occurrences and hear interesting facts about the extraordinary peasant lifestyle of people living in that region in former times. You can meet craftsmen showing you the clock makers' work or taste a homemade cheese in an old farmhouse, visit a "Schnaps" distillery or people will show you how the famous "Black Forest Cake" is made. We will be happy to make arrangements according to your wishes.

Bild: RestaurantThe Kaiserstuhl
- a real (wine ) Event

Culture and Wine

Do these two go together ? In the Kaiserstuhl region nothing works without the other. Did you know that the largest Cooperative of Germany is in Breisach as well as the famous Champagne Cellars of Geldermann? You also find there a medieval Cathedral with precious art works. Did you know that here is also the centre of the Pinot Gris (Grey Burgundy Wine) with annual expert meetings? Wouldn't it be advisable to stop for a wine tasting ? Perhaps even on the peak of a vineyard (only in summertime possible !) with a wide view over the former volcanic area which turned into the most beautiful and attractive cultural area in South Germany.
Make your choice - we arrange it for you.

Half day or Day-Tour booking

Bild: LandschaftThe "Markgräflerland" or
"the Tuscany of Germany"

An old castle ruin is the symbol of Staufen, where houses tell stories: For instance the story of Dr. Faustus who met the devil, or an innkeeper, who played an important role in the resistance of the Baden Revolution (19th century). Here you have the choice between a typical "Badisches Viertele" (a quart of Baden vine) or the most delicious cakes from a typical German café.


The Lake Constance - a real event

                     Bild: Bodensee

Meersburg - Isle of Mainau - Waterfalls of Schaffhausen

Bild: Wasserfälle bei Schaffhausen

The flower Island of Mainau is one of the most attractive places to go to when travelling to Lake Constance. Would you like to go with us to the historical town of Meersburg and visit the old castle and the nearby Mansion House (baroque period) and stroll through the narrow lanes? We could arrange to go by ferry boat to the Isle of Mainau. Our way back to Freiburg would lead us to the most impressive water falls in Europe near Schaffhausen in Switzerland, and then the tour continues across the Black Forest with most interesting views from the summits into lovely valleys.

By the way: on the Isle of Mainau there are good restaurants (advance booking necessary!)
Day-tour (at least 10 hours) Anfrage

Island of Reichenau (UNESCO heritage) and Stein am Rhein (CH)

Bild: Blick auf Stein am Rhein

The island Reichenau in the Lake Constance can be considered to represent the origine of German cultural and Christian development. An historical island "full of wisdom, culture and industrious people" an abbot of the famous monastery said in the 9th century. Before going to this holy place Stein am Rhein in Switzerland shall be visited, a place where the river Rhine leaves the Lake of Constance. Colorful old house paintings, partly dating back to the 15th/16th century, can be admired. The guided tour will be a real event. And you may participate in learning about people's way of thinking and living in former times.
Day-tour (8 - 10 hours)

The Alsace - A Region full of Culture and of Nature

We would be pleased to arrange your tour according to your choice from South Alsace to Straßburg visiting historical villages surrounded by vineyards. You will be surprised.

Bild: ColmarHow is life opposite the river Rhine?

The Upper Rhine Valley is full of cultural highlights. Villages are located alongside the Vosges mountains like a pearl bracelet inviting a visitor to stay for a wine tasting or a guided walk through medieval monastery towns with old churches, narrow lanes and most beautiful views especially from the "Route de Crete", a road leading up to the Vosges summits.

  • We could pass romantic Colmar with its famous "Isenheim" altar piece,
  • go to Kaysersberg, the place of birth of the famous doctor Albert Schweitzer,
  • see the deep cellars inviting you for a wine tasting in Riquewihr or Turckheim.
  • On the right and the left of the Route de Crete there are many inviting fermes auberges (small farm houses), each offering specialties like cheese or cakes.

Out of a big choice of lovely places you create your own itinerary, and we will do our best to put in many interesting ideas.
Half day or a day tour.


Bild: StrassbourgStraßburg - The City of European Institutions on the river Rhine

A bus tour along the European Institutions, passing the buildings of the Prussian period (19th century) and ending the tour near the famous quarter "Petite France". You walk through the old town centre until you reach the impressive cathedral (visit about an hour). Would you like to make a sightseeing trip along the rivers and canals to see all the interesting buildings while sitting in a boat? We also suggest a typical regional meal in an Alsatian restaurant.
You make your choice.
Day-tour (8 - 10 hours)



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